“Hang The DJ” Is ‘Black Mirror’s First Try At A Rom-Com

“Hang The DJ” Is ‘Black Mirror’s First Try At A Rom-Com

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To be an admirer of Ebony Mirror will be a fan to be over and over over and over over and over repeatedly emotionally scarred episode after episode. In the event that you’ve seen one bout of Charlie Brooker‘s warped anthology show, do you know what to anticipate. Each tale begins with a few brand new technology that’s likely to assist individuals, but does indeedn’t because individuals are unreliable trash whom don’t understand what they desire. That’s why this season that is latest regarding the sci-fi horror show is really so interesting. There’s hope lurking under the area of Ebony Mirror Season 4, with no wherein is the fact that more apparent compared to the episode “Hang the DJ.” Spoilers ahead.

If “San Junipero” ended up being the show’s effort at completely created and heart-breaking relationship, then “Hang the DJ” is actually just what a rom-com seems like in this warped technology world. Continue reading ““Hang The DJ” Is ‘Black Mirror’s First Try At A Rom-Com”