We place great pride in the products and services we offer to our clients,
and seek to exceed their expectations with a commitment to take
responsibility for sustainability across the entire product life cycle.


Upon receipt of the shipment, AGR inspects the received goods with respect to outside damage, the number of parcels/packages weight, the kind of metal received and other contingent non-conformities. From 90% of all received metal deliveries a sample is taken to perform a preliminary analysis.

The material will then be weighed, homogenized and sampled in presence of the Client's Representative, provided that the Client has exercised its right to be represented.

A representative sample is of utmost importance to the Client and to all further internal processes. We guarantee our Clients the best homogenization techniques and sampling methods for any kind of metal. All data from each delivery is recorded in AGR system for the safety and reference of our Clients and to ensure full control.


The Refinery takes dual homogenous samples of all inputs to ensure precise
quantification of the precious metal at the time of assay.

Homogenization of the lots

The material shall be melted in lots as prepared during the weighing process. Before melting any Client's material, AGR shall clean the crucible to remove any residual contamination from previous melts.

Representative sample

AGR samples each melted lot by taking three or more representative samples in the form of buttons using industrial grade weighing scales. The samples must be representative of the melt and will be used to verify its homogeneity as well as to perform the analysis on the precious metals contents.

Recovery bar

Once all lots have been melted, our team starts the cleaning procedure. This process includes the furnaces, the tools, crucibles, moulds as well as the furnaces surrounding area. The recovered material is melted with the addition of flux and poured in the form of a bar suitable for sampling.

Determination of the weights after melting

The melted lots and the recovery bar shall be weighed to establish the “weight after melting” and the melting weight loss. Upon the Client's request the slag produced during the melting shall be weighed, sealed and kept at the disposal of the Client or its Representative for a period of three months from the date of delivery unless otherwise agreed.

Settlement weight

The settlement weight per lot shall be weighed after melting less the weight of the Client’s sample. The umpire sample shall be deducted from the weight only if the Client wishes to enter into the umpire process.


Upon completion of the weighing,melting and sampling operations, a report summarising the following information will be issued.The report will be signed by an officer of AGR and by the Client's Representative if so designated to attend. A copy of the report is handed over to the Representative or transmitted to the Client. A second copy is kept for AGR’s files.


Our lab’s independent assay certification maximizes client value as it guarantees consistent accurate data on every batch. AGR operates a state-of-the-art testing laboratory. All sampling and testing activities are performed by independent certified precious metals assayers in compliance with Kenyan Laws and policies.

A highly qualified professional team carries out a whole range of analyses to ensure AGR always meets both production and environmental standards of excellence.

Phase 1 - The laboratory shall clean and drill the samples, putting the drillings from each sample into separate envelopes. The laboratory then analyses each individual sample to verify the homogeneity of the melt.

Phase 2 - The obtained samples are sealed by the Representative, labelled with the melt number and distributed as follows:

  • One sealed sample is kept with AGR at the Client’s disposal or delivered to its Representative, if present.
  • One sealed sample is kept at AGR’ laboratory to perform the analysis;
  • One sealed sample remains with AGR for contingent assay.

Phase 3 - The assays shall be carried out by the fire assay method. Results of such assays shall be exchanged simultaneously between Client and AGR by mail.Assay results are expressed to four (4) significant figures for 995,0 and higher fineness and five (5) significant figures for gold below 995,0 fineness.


AGR conducts a controlled melting process that minimizes melt loss to maximize return.


The molten gold is poured and cast in 500g and 1kg bar form.